Be it a repaint or a new construction, we have the trained personnel to ensure your repairs not only last as long as possible, but look phenomenal and fit the design of your home.

There is no greater disservice a professional painter can do than paint over something that’s rotting or more so rotten! With every estimate we provide a complimentary inspection of all the surfaces to be painted to ensure that any cracked, warped, or rotten wood material is pointed out, priced and repaired by our own in-house professionals.

We will only use the highest quality materials on your home, hand-picked from our local suppliers. Unlike other businesses who will just turn their head the other way when they see any carpentry work that needs tending to, we not only will offer to repair it, but we will do the work at the same hourly rate as our painting, no extra charge!

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    Experienced Professional Painters

    Our team of experienced professional painters will make sure to properly prepare your project to provide a precise finish that will last and leave you 100% satisfied. Trust your home exterior painting to Professional Finish Painters, maximize your curb appeal, and give us a call today!

    Does your Victoria, BC home need a carpentry expert?