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We know that hiring a contractor to work inside your home requires a lot of trust! So we take pride in a team with exceptional integrity and simply put – people you will feel comfortable working inside your home.

Steps to painting the interior of your house

1. Moving the Furniture
Unless we are painting an empty house, moving the furniture should be the first step. This is an essential part of our interior paint prepping process. Furniture and other movables stand the danger of potential damage during the painting process in case the paint drips. Various items in your home are vulnerable to paint. If you are able to do so, we encourage you to remove such items to reduce the risk of damage. If you are unable to do so, our professionals will take care of this for you. Furniture, if not moved before the actual painting process, limits the speed of work due to unnecessary obstructions. It would be best if we removed such movables and furniture further away from the walls. This can be done if it’s impossible to eject them entirely from your room. Once all moveables have been removed from the room, we would cover with a painter’s plastic everything else that may be vulnerable.

2. Inspect Walls for Any Other at Risk Items
After removing the furniture away from the walls, we now have a clear view of everything else. Light switches, outlet covers and nails are some of the other at-risk items. We would remove such items first as a matter of precaution. This approach ensures that even when you decide to remove an outlet cover at some point in the future, the clean coat of paint will remain intact.

3. Remove Curtains and Rugs
We recommend moving all curtains and rugs. It is a vital need to remove everything that may be of value to you before the actual job. Hiring a professional minimizes significantly such instances of rogue paint splashes. But even when working with experts, you can’t risk throwing caution to the wind. It would help if you considered removing such items of value from the vicinity as part of the main steps on how to prep a room for painting. This will not only safeguard your possessions, but it will ensure that the paint team works with minimal disruptions.

4. Masking is a Prerequisite
Our professionals will mask your floors as it is a critical precondition before beginning the painting process. We will ensure a smooth process during painting, as the areas near the wall will be masked off. Our professionals will advise you which areas require a painter’s plastic to reduce the risk of damages. Don’t worry even when the rooms seem over-masked.

5. Appropriate Platform Support
Using unreliable support platforms may pose a safety risk. In most cases, such a support platform may be as simple as using a stepladder. But in other cases, it may be as complex as handling a scaffold system. Our professionals have been trained to understand the operational procedure for each option before committing to its use. This will reduce instances of stoppages and increase efficiency.

6. Wall Preparations Is a Vital Part of How To Prep a Room for Painting
We may need to undertake specific wall preparation steps before the actual painting. If appropriate we will wash the walls before the painting process. Most often, prepping your walls helps in detecting specific underlying issues in your home, such as rotting wood, which may have the potential of affecting the paint job. Such problems may be easy to detect during the wall preparation process.

7. Vacate the Area
For health-related reasons, we recommend that your family and pets are not within the vicinity. Kids and pets can be the cause of messy accidents, such as paint spills. Inhaling paint however should not be an issue because we only use the highest quality Low VOC or Zero VOC paint. Since these types of paints do not pollute your indoor air with harmful fumes, you will be able to return to your space quicker. You also do not want any possible interference with the surfaces before the paint dries up

Our Interior Painting Services

  • Painted windows, molding and millwork
  • Interior wall painting
  • Painted kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, shelves, and built-ins
  • Interior door painting
  • Wood staining, varnish, and top coats
  • Drywall, plaster, and molding repair
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Interior ceiling painting
  • Drywall replacement, flood damage repair and spray fine finish techniques
  • Interior vaulted ceiling painting
  • Proper preparation including caulking, sanding, filling & spackling, and masking & covering your belongings and other surfaces.
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