Willows Beach

Willows Beach, Victoria, British Columbia is a beautiful and exciting destination for local and international visitors alike. Over the years, Willows Beach has become a favorite spot in the city, as it offers its visitors an array of activities, beautiful scenery and a laid back atmosphere. With its pristine shore line and wonderful views, it is easy to see why visitors find Willows Beach a desirable spot to spend a day or two. Learn more here.

Located in Oak Bay, near the University of Victoria and five kilometers from the heart of downtown Victoria, Willows Beach is easily accessible by car, bike or public transport. Visitors can park at the nearby Willows Beach Park for free, if they are traveling by car. In addition to the park, Willows Beach is close to the local amenities, making it a great option for those who aren’t looking to travel too far from the city center.

Willows Beach is a broad, sandy beach with plenty of room for sun bathing and swimming. There are also some nice little coves with rock formations and drifting seaweed, giving the beach an added touch of interest and outdoorsy feel. The area within Willows Beach Park is sheltered with the wind and ocean swell, so it’s a great spot on even the windiest of days.

The beach is also popular with wind and kitesurfers who come to catch the strong north wind and take in the beauty of the area. There’s also a great family-friendly beach kite shop on Willows Beach Park beach where visitors can rent kites, lessons and gear. The waters off the shores of Willows Beach are fairly shallow, so it’s a great spot for those who want to take a dip without worry of getting in over their head.

There is a wide range of activities available to visitors of all ages in and around Willows Beach. The nearby Willows Beach Park is home to tennis courts, soccer fields, a boat launch ramp, playground and a picnic area, making it a great spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The park also hosts events such as yoga classes and outdoor concerts, so there’s always something new to check out.

If visitors are interested in learning more about the history of the area, they can walk down to Willows Beach Park and check out the nearby Willows Beaches Historical Park. This park is home to the remains of a prominent maritime temple, built in 1895 to honor Captain William Robert Willows (for whom Willows Beach is named after). The Historical Park is a great way to learn about the area and immerse yourself in its history.

For those looking to stay in the area, there are various accommodation options just minutes away from the beach. As well as numerous hotels and resorts, Wharf Street Cottage & Suites offers visitors the opportunity to stay in a cozy, cottage-style setting. This option is perfect for a charming, laid back experience and is just a short walk away from the beach.

In conclusion, Willows Beach is a fantastic option for those looking for a laid back beach day in Victoria, BC. With its stunning shoreline and nearby amenities, visitors can enjoy a range of activities and learn about the fascinating history of this special spot. Whether you’re looking to lounge by the water or explore the surrounding parks, Willows Beach makes a great destination for locals and tourists alike.